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Dear visitors,

Welcome to the international home of customs cooperation. We trust that your visit to our website will be interesting and informative.

Sharing information with our Members and our global trade stakeholders is now a priority for the World Customs Organization as we enter a new era under my leadership which will be based on two main pillars covering all spheres within the customs domain: greater responsiveness to the needs of WCO Members; and enhanced cooperation with our international partners from both the public and private sectors.

This reinvigoration of the WCO will be underpinned by a number of core values: the application of universally accepted good governance practices with full transparency and openness; the active pursuit of knowledge with the introduction of research-based solutions; the creation of innovative instruments and tools incorporating the latest technological advances; the implementation of these instruments and tools through capacity building; and an enthusiastic approach towards the realisation of tangible results that will enhance the reputation of the WCO and benefit all customs and trade role-players.

As the worldwide representative of the international customs community, its spokesperson and its most fervent defender, the WCO is pleased and honoured to be of service to everyone who visits our website. We hope that you will continue to visit our website on a regular basis with a view to obtaining the latest customs news and to keep abreast of developments in the customs world.

Thank you,

Kunio Mikuriya
Secretary General